Chaya Umbrella division is part of the Sasana Group. The company Sasana, has been instrumental in bringing high quality, functional products to its consumers in collaboration with various international brands and companies.

The groups R&D division worked on a solution for a two wheeler driver and his/her pillion rider to comfortably ride a two wheeler, even in the extreme weather conditions of the Indian sub continent which can get up to +50C, experiencing intense heat, and being in the tropical zone the area receives a good monsoon with a heavy and long periods of rainfall.

The team designed this unique aero dynamic umbrella with a heavy steel and aluminum frame which can withstand the wind speeds while driving, the fabric used in the Umbrella is also UV protected

Intense trials were carried out with the Motorcycle and Bike driven at a speed of 100 kmph and The Chaya Umbrella with stood the tests on the express highways between Delhi – Agra.

We at Sasana Enterprises finally after having been convinced by the performance of The Umbrella registered the brand Chaya and registered its Intellectual Property Rights with The Patents Office in Kolkata.

Finally in 2015 The Entire Team at Sasana is proud to offer this very functional product to the two wheeler driver and the pillion rider to make their ride as comfortable as possible, without the driver having to deal with harsh weather conditions, and halting under bridges and trees for shade.

Our R&D team is on the job of developing more such functional products and shall be introducing them in the near future.

The Chaya umbrella division is equipped with a dedicated team of sales and after sales service personnel.